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Last Minute Holidays

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There’s very little that can compare to the thrill of booking a holiday, the same can’t be said for counting down the months and days until you’re on a plane and heading out of the country. One of the things that does compare to the feeling of an initial booking however is making holiday plans that are so close you’ll be counting down the hours and minutes.

Last minute getaways are great ways to eradicate those holiday countdowns and let you disappear to wherever you fancy on a cost-effective whim. For those who have limited time to take a break or aren’t sure when you can grab some time off, last minute choices are perfect. Got some holiday days left to take? Got a long weekend coming up? Then why not take the opportunity to go and visit the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower or one of Cyprus’ innumerable Blue Flag beaches?.

It doesn’t matter if you fancy a week in the sunshine or a weekend of cultural immersion, a last minute getaway can be anything you want it to be at an affordable price in the immediate future.


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