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Orlando Holidays

Florida Holidays to Orlando
Orlando Holidays
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Orlando Holidays -  So Many Attractions!                     

Hooray for Orlando holidays! It’s the most popular tourist resort in the world and justifiably so. Right in the middle of Florida, Kissimmee is so close to both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, you can practically smell the fun. It has some attractions of its own into the bargain. The Kissimmee Waterway is a natural area, which puts lie to that old ‘it’s all theme parks’ cry that any Orlando holidays dissenters among your party might shout. There are airboat tours so you can view the wildlife of the Everglades, there’s a tropical garden housing a collection of orchids from all over the globe, or (and we’re admittedly slipping just a little bit here) there’s ‘Splendid China’ a 76 acre outdoor recreation of China's most famous landmarks. Hmmm. If you have any very small children with you, or ‘babies’ to use the technical term, you might want to take their pictures a lot here, ideally at jaunty angles, then when they get older  you can tell them they’ve been to China.

Cheap Orlando Holidays -  The Home of Disney                        

Walt Disney World holidays are the reason most people embark on an Orlando holiday. You’re not going to get it all covered in a day you know, it’s huge! Almost as big as Bolton. Yes, really, just imagine that, a theme park as big as Bolton.

International Drive is right in the middle of an amazing group of theme parks, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres. There’s useful public transport here too, in the form of the I-RIDE Trolley Service, which proves you don’t have to drive on your Orlando holiday! There’s Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, all easily accessible.

Orlando Holidays -  Great for Shopping and Relaxing

For shopping there’s the Mall at Millenia, where for the first time on a Orlando holiday you can shop at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's, as long as you ignore the misspelling of ‘Millenia’. If you mention it they throw you out. When everyone has had enough of theme parks, there are museums, parks, and gardens to visit too. You really can come to Orlando and have a great balanced holiday that suits everyone in the family. Orlando is a great base for your Florida holidays.

Lake Buena Vista has a little lake in the middle of a golf course somewhere, but it’s unlikely that you’ll come across it, unless you’re playing golf of course, or you hire a car and get really really lost. Interestingly enough, it used to be called Black Lake, but when Walt Disney World moved in, they changed the name! The whole area is controlled by Disney and has some great places to stay. Orlando holidays offer the complete holiday package.

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