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Bmi Baby – Good value internal UK flights


Bmi baby is an airline with attitude, offering loads of money off holidays and cheap flights as well as discounted hotels and car hire. Bmi baby is adding new routes to their repertoire despite a wobbly economy so it is well worth keeping a beady eye open for the latest deals. A comprehensive list of UK destinations makes bmi baby one of the favourite choices for good value internal flights; they cover Aberdeen, Belfast International, Cardiff, East Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Jersey, Manchester and Newquay.


Bmi Baby – Adventures into Europe


One of the most irritating and stressful things about flying is that horrible sweaty rush and fight to find a seat. Bmibaby lets you reserve your seat online when you book, so that’s one less thing to get wound up about. We hate to quote a supermarket but every little helps. If you haven’t booked a seat online they’ll give you a number when you check in. Another cool thing – bmi baby lets you check in online if you’re travelling light, only taking hand luggage. That speeds things up quite a bit! So far online check in is available on all Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester flights but they’re adding more as we write.


Bmi Baby – Best no frills airline thee years running


Bmibaby got the award for Best No Frills Airline, handed out by Telegraph Group Travel Awards, three years in a row, 2003 to ’05. Can’t be bad. But even the best laid plans of mice and men can go pear shaped. Never mind. To help you untangle things when everything seems hopeless, bmibaby let you fiddle about with your travel plans ‘til you get what you want. Really? Yup, you can change your destination, seats or even your departure date right up until three hours before your flight’s due. Nice one. We know someone who regularly turns up at the airport with her baby daughter’s passport, on the wrong day or at the wrong airport. They’d suit her down to the ground.


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