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Easyjet – Simple and Affordable Air Travel


Gone are the days when flying to holiday destinations in Europe and beyond cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to Easyjet starting the no frills airline experience, millions of people have been able to travel to parts of the world previously out of their budget range. Whilst Easyjet flights may not be as luxurious as other airlines, you get what you pay for, and in most cases this is all we as holidaymakers want, isn’t it?


Impressive Network of Destinations


Easyjet have over the past few years expanded their destination network so much so that you can take your pick from most European destinations, as well as popular longer haul resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh, Marrakech, Tel Aviv and Bodrum, with departure airports littered throughout the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast and Edinburgh. For ease of access and sheer number of available flights, Easyjet really does take some beating. It is this network which makes Easyjet so popular with families, solo travellers, businessmen and frequent flyers. OK, so business travel could be more luxurious, but who cares if you know that you will arrive in Frankfurt on time and without maxing the company credit card?


What you see is what you get


There are no hidden surprises with Easyjet. If you want to get from A to B safely, quickly and cheaply, then Easyjet cannot be beaten. Plus, they take their green responsibilities very seriously. Unlike many airlines and holiday operators, Easyjet is taking the environmental bull by the horns and making plans for a greener future. Compared to your average traditional airline, Easyjet flights emit 27% less carbon for each passenger kilometre.
If you like what you read, booking your Easyjet flights could not be simpler!

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