British Airways

British Airways – A Sign of Quality


Unless you have been on the moon for the past few decades, you will know who British Airways are and what they are all about. The brand screams reliability, class and comfort, with it being said that many people will only fly BA! British Airways is the UK’s largest international scheduled airline, flying to over 550 destinations. British Airways’ main hub is Heathrow airport, the busiest airport in the UK, so they are easy to spot as they are in airports around the world.


First Class Customer Service from British Airways


British Airways turned 90 years old back in 2009 so in terms of longevity it is right up there with the big hitters – in fact it is probably the biggest hitting of the lot. They’re really hot on customer service and they’ve numerous awards to show for it. You get great support from friendly, well trained staff 24/7, 365 days a year who will do their best to resolve whatever issue you may have. And if things go a bit awry, you can rely on British Airways Holidays’ Crisis Team to help get you sorted out, whatever the problem.


Complete British Airways Holidays


Everybody knows a BA plane when they see one. But maybe not everybody knows that you can book a complete holiday through them, including flights, accommodation, car hire and many other holiday extras. You can check in online via the website as well as browse through destination guides to help inspire you. There is even a mobile app which allows you to search for flights and more whilst on the go. Arrange British Airways holidays online in five simple steps with immediate email confirmation and an absolute minimum of messing around.


Book your British Airways holidays here!

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