Passengers Demand World Class Airports

Passengers Demand World Class Airports

The Co-operative Travel company has encouraged passengers to make a stand for better airport facilities in the UK.

The Department of Transport is currently holding a public consultation period for the next two weeks which will close on 1 June 2009. Members of the public are free to voice their concerns about the transport system, and The Co-operative Travel has led the charge against British airports, in the hope of improving standards.

Top of the list for ideas to improve standards at airports was to make all facilities fully accessible 24 hours a day. All shops and amenities are open around the clock at Dubai airport and UK passengers want a similar system at British airports. One in five people said they would prefer more comfortable seating like at Amsterdam airport, whereas 14 per cent voted for better food outlets.

Following a survey from the independent travel retailer, the biggest concern passengers have with airports is the current system employed to handle baggage, which 65 per cent of customers were unhappy with. Six out of ten people said they were dissatisfied with the options available for decent food at airports, citing a lack of choice and quality.

According to the report, 58 per cent of travellers thought that parking facilities were not up to scratch. Trevor Davis, Retail Distribution director at The Co-operative Travel said: “The current government consultation is an opportunity for UK air passengers to make their opinions known and influence areas for future investment. We’ll be encouraging all our customers to make their views heard and lobby for better standards.”

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