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Madrid Holidays

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Holidays to Madrid -  A Fantastic Modern City                  

The capital of Spain. Big, classy, exciting, & robust with a spellbinding grandeur.... It is easy to use the metro, especially from Madrid’s centre.

Madrid is the centre of Spain’s government and commerce. It is a changed place compared to the poverty it endured in the past. In the 1940s and ‘50s, when Franco was dictator, Madrid people lived in fear and poverty for forty years. After Franco died in the mid seventies, the city burst back to life with parties, clubbing, and extraordinary achievements, in art, design, film & architecture.

Madrid Holidays -  Plenty of Historical Attractions                 

Madrid city breaks has an atmosphere is steeped in ancient Spanish history. Be caught up by its excitement. Explore. Walk down old streets; Visit some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. Chill in the plazas. Shop. Feel the pulse beneath your feet; It blows you away. Happen upon many restaurants. Eating can be cheap. Have breakfast in a little bar early in the morning at about 8a.m. with a pastry, then another breakfast at about 11.a.m with ham and cheese and bread. It is traditional in Spain to have two breakfasts far apart. Holidays to Madrid have a beauty and exhilaration which makes it feel like a capital with a capital C.

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