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Audubon Zoo – New Orleans Attractions

One of the USA’s top zoos, Audubon Zoo blends the exotic excitement of animals from around the globe with the lush gardens. When beatthebrochure visits zoos abroad, especially zoos in the places where many of the creatures we see in UK zoos come from, we’re always disappointed not to see badgers, moles, and foxes sitting timidly and nervously in the hot sun. We’re delighted to announce that Audubon Zoo in New Orleans proves no excepxion. It has innovative natural habitat exhibits and an animal collection ranging from rare white alligators to the Bengal Tigers for you. Not a dormouse in sight.

The French Quarter – Attractions in New Orleans

While it suffered wind damage thanks to Katrina, there was thankfully no significant flooding in this historic part of New Orleans. It’s not entirely French, more a mixture of French, Spanish, Cajun, and Creole influences. Oh yes, you’ll need to know this:

• Cajun: A native of Louisiana of French Arcadian ancestry or Cajun cooking is a combination of French and Southern cuisine.

• Creole: a person with French ancestors, especially in Louisiana, or the tomatoes, green peppers, spicy seasonings and more, which means you’re eating in New Orleans!

The National D-Day Museum – New Orleans Attractions

Also in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this is well worth visiting as there are great exhibits and events that commemorate the second world war, which America eventually noticed was on a few years after it started.

Tombs and Voodoo – Attractions in New Orleans

Visit the cemeteries of New Orleans and see the spooky above-ground tombs. You can take a Voodoo tour in New Orleans, which includes a walking tour of the French Quarter, with a little lagniappe for everyone. Lagniappe is a Creole word that means ‘a little something extra’, come on, keep up!

Riverboats – New Orleans Attractions

Get to the Zoo and Aquarium in style by travelling seven miles up the Mississippi on a real steam riverboat. The aquarium lost thousands of fish in hurricane Katrina and the resulting flood of New Orleans, it’s reopened now so go and support it’s regeneration on a steamboat!

Bourbon Street – Attractions in New Orleans

Culture, history, music, and a little bit of Voodoo thrown in! Expect the unexpected and have a drink on the way to prepare yourself. Once visited never forgotten though. Go at night, when it’s not the best time to be there with children of course, but don’t let that put you off New Orleans as it’s a great place for a good value family holiday they won’t ever forget! Disneyland? Go there next year!

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