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Memphis Holidays

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Memphis Holidays

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Flights to Memphis – Home of MGM’s roaring lion

You know that lion from the beginning of old MGM films? He lived at Memphis Zoo. Flights to Memphis also deliver you into the Pork Barbeque Capital of the world. Blimey. On the bright side, the city is the only one in the US to win the cleanest city award five times. Oh dear. Can you tell that we’re desperately trying to avoid mentioning Elvis?

Flights to Memphis land at Memphis International Airport, 8 miles south of the city. Once you’re on land, getting around is easy. Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty all offer good value car hire and you can even get your car hire company to pick you up.

Memphis Flights – An ancient native Indian settlement

Choose flights to Memphis if you want to visit the 18th biggest city in the US, once home to a thriving native Indian settlement. Out on the Bluffs of Memphis there are signs of long occupation. Memphis sits at the widest part of the Mississippi River and was named after its Egyptian namesake on the banks of the Nile.

The name Memphis actually means ‘established and beautiful, which we like. Take flights to Memphis and head off into Tennessee. Catch a public bus outside Terminal C; the number 32 bus will take you into downtown Memphis. Or pre-book a shuttle bus to out of town destinations.

Flights to Memphis – Birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll

If you’re a rock and roll fan you can worship at Sun Studio, birthplace of the genre on Union Avenue not far from downtown Memphis. Apparently the city is mentioned in more than 400 songs, so flights to Memphis inevitably lead to music one way or another.

If you fancy a bit of peace head for a park and chill; the city has over 7,000 acres of delightful parks to lose yourself in. OK, we give up… we’re going to have to mention Elvis. Take flights to Memphis and no sooner are you off your ‘plane than you run into an Elvis-themed gift shop packed with licensed Elvis paraphernalia.

Convinced? Book your flights to Memphis here.

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