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Toronto Holidays

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Flights to TorontoCanada’s biggest city

Toronto is Canada's biggest city, home to almost six million people and the capital of Ontario, Canada’s richest province. Flights to Toronto land you in southern Ontario, only a couple of hours’ drive from the New York state border. Once a popular place to head for to avoid the Vietnam draft, Toronto is an important commercial, retail, business and tourist centre as well as being a great destination for multi centre holidays.

Take flights to Toronto and split your holiday between there are New York. Flights to Toronto are popular with outdoor pursuits and wilderness sports fans; Ontario has access to three of the five Great Lakes. We remember them from geography O level at school. How we hated the Great Lakes by the time we’d finished.

Toronto Flights – No smoking… anywhere

Flights to Toronto drop you off at Pearson International Airport, 17 miles north west of the city with excellent transfer services, transport links and car hire facilities. The airport's cool Link Train zooms you fast and free between terminals, which helps as the distances are enormous. The train runs 24/7.

Smokers be aware – flights to Toronto deliver you into a smoker’s hell where every single bar, restaurant, bowlplex, theatre, bingo hall, casino and racetrack is completely 100% fag free. To keep things simple, just remember that smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces, full stop. A bit like the UK really so you’ll probably be used to it.

Flights to Toronto – 8000 hectares of wild stuff

Toronto enjoys around 4,400 miles of pavements so it’s a great place if you prefer to do your exploring on foot rather than stuffing yourself into a gas guzzler. If you like green areas, flights to Toronto drop you into a very green city with 8,000 hectares of wild valleys, steep ravines, isolated valleys, delightful parks, tidy farmland and delightful natural lakesides.

Choose flights to Toronto and polish up your French – the city speaks both languages. Take in a bird’s eye view by climbing the CN tower, the world’s tallest free standing structure, 340 metres up with a terrifying glass floored outdoor observation deck. Not for the faint hearted but perfect for people with a  strong head for heights.

Parks, lakes, sights and big city nightlife. Book your flights to Toronto here.

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