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Toronto Holidays

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Cheap Toronto Holidays -  A Modern Canadian City                      

The largest English speaking town in Canada, Toronto spreads along the Northern shore of Lake Ontario. In recent years through the’ and ‘1990s  1980s it has changed its image with new buildings and sky lines.  It was once a conservative town. Now it has spent a fortune on glass architecture, contemporary museums, and an excellent public transport system.

Toronto Holidays -  Plenty of Attractions

Its waterfront has been redeveloped. The contribution of many cultures such as Canadian Indians, and Sikh Indians has contributed greatly to its art, theatre, culture and cuisine. It has come along way from its drab image in the 1950s, thanks to the influx of different ethnic people. There are huge shopping malls which reflect the commercial success of the last few decades.   They are often found in isolated areas off dual carriageways and motorways. This isolation makes it all the better to seduce you into spending money. Once you have made the journey to a shopping mall there is nothing to do accept spend spend, spend, and eat fast food. So beware!

Save your hard earned cash for great theatre .  Support new playwrights, and a fantastic music scene. Never seen classical dance? Now’s your chance. Never seen an ice hockey match? You’ll thrill to the grace and danger on the ice. Then hit the clubs. BeatTheBrochure says let Toronto be a happy surprise.

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