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Boston Holidays

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Flights to Boston – Visit Beantown

Book flights to Boston and you land in Beantown. Beantown? In the past Boston's port handled thousands of cargo ships packed with sugar and molasses from the West Indies. Some bright spark decided to cook molasses up with a load of beans (which sounds revolting) and created a desperate dish called Boston Baked Beans. Boston is a fabulous place, but no thanks.

Flights to Boston land you at Boston Logan International Airport, typically smart and clean and offering everything the weary traveller could need. Gift shops, duty-free, restaurants, cafes, banks, cashpoint machines and bureaux de change. If you’re a business traveller or welded to your laptop for reasons of your own, there’s Wi-Fi access and, in case you get bored and restless, there’s a manicure service too. Sometimes customer service can go too far.

Boston Flights – The home of polo

Not the mint, the game. Flights to Boston deposit you in the place where Polo, game of the super-posh, was played for the first time in 1876. Newport is also famous for the first US citizen put in prison for speeding way back in 1904. He was probably only doing about eight miles an hour.

Boston Logan airport is in East Boston, America’s sixth busiest and four miles from the city centre. Choose flights to Boston if you fancy visiting a place with loads of firsts to its name and a few more brain cells per pound than average. There’s Harvard, the USA’s first college. The US’s first post office opened here. And the first free public school, public library, newspaper, lighthouse and subway.

Flights to Boston – Basketball was invented here

Basketball was invented in Boston. So was volleyball. Captain Birdseye’s ancestor Clarence Birdseye invented frozen foods in nearby Gloucester in 1925. Scientists and eggheads take flights to Boston MIT, home to ground breaking scientific discoveries and one of the world’s most respected scientific institutions. They invented the first computer there in 1928. Logan International Airport itself is a technological marvel; five massive terminals, acres and acres of air conditioned space and ambitious plans to expand.

Home of MIT, basketball and frozen food! Book your flights to Boston here.

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