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Tunisia Attractions – Roman baths and fascinating ancient history

The best Tunisia attractions include the magnificent Antonie baths, right on the sea shore, once the biggest public baths in the entire Roman Empire and remarkably sophisticated. It would probably be a big hit today, it was so luxurious! The swimming pool was Olympic size and the ranks of public toilets were so huge that archaeologists thought they'd discovered a Roman theatre at first. Impressive! Today only the basement levels are left but you still get a real flavour of what they were once like. Great fun for the kids because you're allowed to explore the foundations and underground passageways. Check out our Tunisia flights , Tunisia events, Tunisia hotels and Tunisia holidays pages for more useful information about this amazing country! 

Tunisia Attractions – The planet's finest mosaics

Tunisia excursions take in the country's mosaics, renowned as the world's finest. Try the wonderful Bardo Museum, a suburban Moorish palace in the suburbs of Tunis where the country's kings once lived. As well as stunning mosaics the museum is home to a collection of breathtaking prehistoric, Roman, Punic and Islamic treasures. Fascinating for the whole family! Then there's the ancient city of Carthage, ruined but still evocative, spread over a huge area. There's Byrsa Hill, the Roman amphitheater, Roman villas, the Sanctuary of Tophic and many famous ancient Punic ports to explore, all first class history fodder.

Tunisia Attractions – Buy gorgeous traditional ceramics

Tunisia sightseeing has to include ceramics. They're on sale right across the country in shops, by the roadside and in the markets, also known as the medinas. These days most of it is factory made but the glazes are absolutely lovely, in all sorts of rich, exotic colours with fine traditional patterns. Nabeul and and Guellala are the main centres for pottery, producing delightful glazed pots with vivid plant-inspired decoration. And that's just for a start. Visit Dougga, Utica, Bulla Regia and El Jem, see Africa's oldest mosque, go to magnificent Kairouan, take in the ribats and kasbahs... Tunisia is your oyster!

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