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Molokai Island Attractions

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Molokai Island Holidays

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Star Gazing – Molokai Island Attractions – Hawaii

Watch the sky come alive with billions of stars and constellations. The world’s largest observatory isn’t in the Hawaiian Islands for nothing you know.  

Hire a bicycle – Attractions in Molokai Island – Hawaii

Molokai's quiet roads make cycling a great way to get around on your Hawaii holiday. Some hiking trails are open to mountain bikes too.

Fishing – Molokai Island Attractions – Hawaii

Don’t expect to sit on a wicker basket waiting for a diminutive perch to succumb to the charms of your be-hooked worm. Instead how about guided spear fishing and free diving? Go to the east end for that, by which we don’t mean Stepney, but the east end of Molokai.

Moaula Falls, Halawa Valley – Attractions in Molokai Island – Hawaii

Go for a long walk that takes you under a canopy of giant mango trees to a 250 foot waterfall and pool where there’s a lovely place to swim. Visitor access can be restricted sometimes, especially after rain when it can flood. You’ll need a guide and be prepared to get at least your feet wet!

Places Similar to Molokai Island

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