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Maui Island Holidays

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Maui Island Holidays

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Maui Holidays                                

Want an energetic hike through Haleakala Crater, or do you fancy a comfortable afternoon of whale watching? There’s always snorkelling over a tropical reef, or flying higher courtesy of a helicopter trip.It’s not nicknamed ‘The Magical Isle’ for nothing. It’s the second most visited Hawaiian island.  

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There are several attractions to entice the tourist to Maui Island. Coasting down the Hana Highway is an incredible experience that every one on their Hawaii holidays should experience. The highway takes you round the east coast of Maui and sweeps past mountains, waterfalls, and black sand beaches. A visit to Maui Island is also not complete without venturing to Lahaina. The main street is lined with fantastic shops and restaurants leading to beautiful wharf where you can set out to sea for a spot of whale watching or a sunset cruise. Maui holidays offer incredible attractions at a stunning location.

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