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Lanai Island Holidays

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Lanai Island Holidays

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Flights to LanaiHawaii’s sixth biggest island

Lanai is the sixth biggest Hawaiian Island, thirteen miles by eighteen of tropical lush-ness that used to be one of the world’s biggest producers of pineapples. So many that it used to be known as Pineapple Island. Sadly or not, they don’t grow pineapples any more but focus on tourism instead. Now the locals call Lanai The Secluded Island. Flights to Lanai land you in the island’s only city, Lanai city. This is the island’s only airport, just three miles or so from the city centre and within easy reach of the entire island. You could walk around it in a couple of days if you have the energy and inclination… it is only a little island and extremely pretty. Flights to Lanai also give you exciting opportunities for relaxation and adventure via the island’s ferry service’s cruises and day trips. 

Lanai Flights – Almost fifty miles of heavenly coastline

Choose flights to Lanai if you like the sound of forty seven miles’ worth of mouth watering shoreline including twenty miles or so of the kind of sandy beach you’d expect from tropical latitudes. Hulopoe Beach at Manele Bay has really good public facilities, otherwise trek around the coast and discover a stretch of perfect sand that suits you. If you like your sand golden or white pick flights to Lanai – unlike many Hawaiian islands there are no funky coloured volcanic sand beaches here. Feeling energetic? Climb 3370 feet up Lanaihale, the island’s highest peak, as steep and pointy as a pointy thing. Dramatic? Oh yes!

Flights to Lanai – Relatively quiet

Lanai Airport is smart and shiny these days, with major refurbishment of the terminal building and passenger facilities. Flights to Lanai now feature better roads and access, improved car rental offerings and an all round facelift. Lanai was deserted and uninhabited until the 1400s when a particularly feisty Maui king allegedly killed off the evil spirits that lived there and took possession. This is a delightful little place, so small that European explorers ignored it for half a century before finally landing there in the mid nineteenth century. It still has the feel of being a land that time forgot. 

Peace, sand, palm trees, gentle lapping waves. Book your flights to Lanai here.

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