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Kauai Island Holidays

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Kauai Island Holidays

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Flights to Kauai – 550 square miles of pure heaven

Kauai is the fourth biggest Hawaiian Island, just over thirty three miles long and twenty five miles wide at its fattest. From a geological perspective flights to Kauai land you on the oldest Hawaiian island, spewed from undersea volcanoes almost six million years ago. Blimey. Like the rest of Hawaii, Kauai suffers from renaming syndrome; once it was known as the Garden Island. Now it has been re-named Hawaii's Island of Discovery… we can only assume this helps bewildered holidaymakers choose an island to suit them. Flights to Kauai deposit you at Lihue Airport, the island’s main airport for domestic, international and inter-island flights.

Kauai Flights – Semi tropical, exotic and hot

When we’re shivering in our winter woollies and dreaming about the sun, Kauai averages 78F throughout the grimmest winter months of January and February. Pick flights to Kauai if you’d prefer to spend those dreaded winter weeks in a comfortable semi tropical climate, kept balmy by the deep turquoise Pacific. During August it gets properly steamy and it is boiling hot right through September. Keeping things delightfully fresh, the famous local trade winds bring very welcome warm showers in the morning and evening. They don’t last long and soon dry up, leaving everything smelling fantastic.

Flights to Kauai – Seventy or so glorious beaches

If over a hundred and ten miles of tropical coastline appeals to you, flights to Kauai will fit the bill perfectly. Sixty odd miles of accessible seashore and seventy or so beaches mean that this island gives you more miles of beach per holiday budget quid for your money than anywhere else in Hawaii. Some are odd colours, formed from different elements of the local volcanic rocks breaking down. We imagine that the island’s green beaches are made of something like Olivine, and the black ones are probably basalt. As you can tell, flights to Kauai land you in a geologist’s heaven. Even of you know bugger all about geology and don’t give a stuff, the resulting landscapes will blow your mind.

Volcanoes, beaches, palm trees… book your flights to Kauai here.

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