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Kauai Island Holidays

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Kauai Island Holidays

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Kauai Holidays                            

Kauai holidays are a short 25 minute hop by air from Honolulu. The island is about 550 square miles and is the oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands and styles itself as ‘a friendly garden island paradise’. It’s less developed than the other islands and a little harder to get to (there are fewer direct flights to Kauai) so is the place to go for more peace and quiet. Much of the interior is only accessible by hiking or helicopter. It’s a wonderful place for your Hawaii holidays, with the most remarkable tropical landscape including a smaller, but much more beautiful version of the Grand Canyon, a mountain that looks like King Kong, wonderful beaches, and the opportunity that many places in the world offer, but few actually provide – the opportunity to really get away from it all.

Places Similar to Kauai Island

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