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Hawaii Holidays

Hawaii Holidays

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Look up “paradise” in a dictionary and under in its definition you can guarantee it will read “Hawaii”. The archipelago that is Hawaii is famous for its beautiful weather, enchanting beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Hawaii holidays capture the imagination of everyone who longs for sunshine, scenery and, above all, relaxation. The American state – yes, despite being 2,000 miles from any continent it’s the USA’s southernmost and youngest state – is everything you’d expect and more. It isn’t just for honeymooning couples though; cheap Hawaii holidays will cater to your needs in one of the most romantic settings on Earth.


Beat the Brochure’s Top 5 recommendations


  • Haleakala National Park

If you’re visiting Maui Island on your Hawaii holidays, you simply have to visit the Haleakala National Park. Home to the behemoth volcano from which the island of East Maui rose, the National Park will make you feel as if you’re the first person to discover the area. If spectacular views are what you’re after the volcano’s rim will be to your taste and if you’re feeling adventurous you’re free to trek down into the crater to marvel at your surroundings. Even if you’re in Maui to relax you need to make an exception one day and get up early enough to watch the sunrise that has been described as the most “sublime spectacle” you’ll ever see.


  • Waikiki

Honolulu’s postcard perfect destination, Waikiki is home to one of the most famous beaches on Earth. Waikiki Beach stretches for over 1.5m and besides the catching some rays affords you the opportunity for some first class people watching, while a walk along the ocean provides a great view of Diamond Head. As home to Oahu Island’s premier resort strip with some of the top Hawaii Hotels, there’s a whole host of the conventional symbols you’d expect from cheap Hawaiian holidays, like umbrella containing cocktails, leis and ukulele music.


  • Swimming with dolphins

Amongst countless other things, Hawaii is known for its diverse and unique marine life; the state fish is the (almost) unpronounceable humuhumunukunukuapua'a. In Maui between the months of December and April you can watch whales bear their calves, but that magical experience pales in comparison to swimming with dolphins in their natural environment. The Kona Coast on the Big Island is the home to Hawaiian Spinner dolphins and gives you that very opportunity. Numerous swim operators are available to choose from for one of the most incredible experiences you can have on Hawaii holidays.


  • Hanalei Bay

The perfectly curved Hanalei Bay in Kauai is one of Hawaii’s most photographed and best loved. With several beaches set against a spectacular back drop, the tourist-friendly calm sapphire waters of the summer turn into a surfer’s heaven in the winter with incessant, unrelenting waves. You’re visiting the spiritual home of surfing, how could you not give it a go?


  • Pearl Harbour

The location of the infamous Japanese attack of 7th December 1941 that propelled America into World War II is now home to a poignant monument. Pearl Harbour is one of the most popular Hawaii attractions, as tourists flock to pay their respects at the site 2,402 people lost their lives. Contained within the National Historic Landmark is a still-active Navy base, the USS Bowfin, which is now a museum, and the memorial monument of the sunken USS Arizona. Hawaii holidays aren’t just for the holidaymaker looking to relax and splash around in paradise; Pearl Harbour is just one of the options available to the tourist interested in historical exploration.


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Currency: Dollar

Language: English

Visa: British tourists visiting the United States for less than 90 days must apply for an ESTA.

Vaccinations: N/A

Dress code: N/A, Hawaiian shirts are strictly optional.

Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7499 9000

Other info: N/A


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