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Big Island Holidays

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Big Island Holidays

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Flights to Big Island – The biggest Hawaiian island

Hawaii's Big Island is the biggest Hawaiian Island, over 4000 square miles of volcanic paradise fringed by stunning coloured sand beaches. Heaven. Take flights to Big Island and treat yourself to a holiday on an island that’s still growing. Like all of Hawaii Big Island is volcanic, formed by volcanic eruptions millions of year ago. Kilauea dominates the island, the planet’s most active volcano. Big Island’s real name is ‘Hawaii Island’ but nobody seems to call it that. Too confusing, we suppose. The islands’ recent tourist explosion means that flights to Big Island also land you in Hawaii's so-called Island of Adventure. Re-naming is endemic in Hawaii, just like at home. Once upon a time,North Yorkshire was North Yorkshire. Now it is carved up into little TV and history-related sections; Emmerdale Country, Bronte Country, Herriot country…  

Big Island Flights – Hilo International airport

If you’re an island amongst islands, you rely heavily on your airports. OK, Big Island is quite big as Hawaii goes but, for a small place, it is well served with airports. If you’re on you holidays though, flights to Big Island will land you at Kona International Airport, at Keahole, a couple of miles from Hilo and seven or so from Kailua-Kona. The island’s also home to Upolu Airport and Waimea-Kohala Airport, both of which are smaller. Choose flights to Big Island and head for the main resorts along the dry, sunny Kohala Coast, protected in the rain shadow of the mountains. Head for Hilo itself or quiet Kailua-Kona. On Big Island you’ll enjoy deep sea fishing, hiking, horse riding, sailing, scuba diving and – of course – amazing golf.

Flights to Big Island – More than 260 miles of pristine coastline

Pick flights to Big Island and spend your entire holiday exploring the coastline if that’s what dings your bell. Big Island has more than 260 miles of coast, including 100+ gorgeous beaches. The island’s well set up for holidaymakers and many of the beaches have excellent facilities. Or find yourself a deserted beach all to yourself and play Robinson Crusoe. - The Big Island has over 100 beaches, many of which have public facilities. Some of the beaches have your classic tropical white sand. Some have bizarre black volcanic sand. And others are formed of greenish sand… pretty weird but great fodder for unusual holiday snaps.

Fancy bigging it up? Book your flights to Big Island here.

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