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Attractions Rhodes - The Water Park

Here you go – we love a Water Park at Beat the brochure and this is a pretty good one. There are loads of rides, or slides, well you would expect there to be loads at Europe’s biggest Water Park wouldn’t you? Take your sun cream and reapply it a lot throughout the day or you’ll come home looking like a beetroot.  

Rhodes Attractions - Lindos Acropolis

Acropolis means ‘high city’ or ‘city above’, so Athens doesn’t have the only one. There’s a city above Lindos, Lindos Acropolis (Lindos is close to Faliraki) that began life well over 2000 years ago. Lindos itself is a good place to retreat from Faliraki to. It has clubs and bars of its own that are a little more civilised than those found on Bar Street in Faliraki. Back up on the Acropolis, it certainly is high so be prepared to work up a sweat weaving through the streets of the typically Greek town until you have to start climbing the steps up to the ruins of the Acropolis.

Attractions Rhodes - The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes 

Building began on this impressive old ‘hospital’ in 1440. The Hospital of the Knights is now the Archaeological Museum, so it’s worth going there just so at every football match or fete you attend forever after, you’ll be able to point at a St John Ambulance man (or woman) and tell whoever you’re with about the ancient order of St John and how it began in the 11th century when some monks started looking after some pilgrims in the Holy Land, adding that you’ve been in ‘their old office’, in Rhodes. Look out for the Aphrodite of Rhodes, which is a marvellous marble sculpxure over 2000 years old.

Rhodes Tourist Attractions - The Beaches

Loads of them! Get out there and discover them yourself, that’s part of the fun of going on holiday! However, here’s a brochure-beating leg up: Pallas Beach, St Paul's Bay, Faliraki beach are some of the island’s loveliest, but great beaches are everywhere, really! You can’t miss them either, as they’re handily on the edge of the island just between the land and the sea. Lalysos bay has the right amount of handy clubs, shops, hotels and facilities to use, whether you’re there for the day or the fortnight. In Faliraki in addition to Faliraki beach there’s also Kathara bay, Antony Quinn Bay, Ladiko beach and Tragano beach, which is pebbled. Antony Quinn Bay is, apparently, named after a famous actor who played Zorba the Greek in a 1964 film, we don’t know who though.

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