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Malia Flights – Fly into convenient Heraklion airport on Crete

Book cheap Malia flights and have an unforgettable holiday in this lovely resort. The main tourist area is definitely for the young at heart, a party resort with a full-on 24/7 atmosphere. But the outskirts are quieter and there's much more to the place than just pubs and clubs. The Old Town area is lovely, so it's effectively a resort with two halves. You can fly cheap to Malia from any number of regional and international UK airports and there'll be a convenient flight from near where you live. Crete is your oyster!  

Malia Flights – Experience loads of exciting water sports

Take cheap flights to Malia and enjoy a haven for water sports. There's every water sport you can think of, from jet skiing to water skiing, paragliding to parascending and more, right along the busy beach front. The food's great and local Greek dishes are absolutely delicious... healthy, tasty Mediterranean cuisine at its best. But there's also plenty of fast food outlets, curry houses and fish and chips to keep all you traditionalists happy. And plenty of shops, souvenir outlets and handy supermarkets.

Malia Flights – The best bargains at your fingertips as they become available

Tracking down the lowest cost cheap Malia flights is easy with us. Just search and we'll deliver the best bargains to your fingertips in seconds. No hassle. It's a great destination for history lovers and culture vultures, who enjoy discovering Crete's ancient history. Try the magnificent Palace of Malia, east of Heraklion, built in 1650 BC. It's equally easy to get inland to explore the island's exciting interior, beautiful landscapes and countless great resorts, from Agios Nikolaos to Sitia, Elounda to Hersonisos.

Check out our Malia events, Malia hotels, Malia attractions and Malia holidays pages for more useful information. 

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