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With more than 150 bars, pubs and clubs in close proximity, you won’t be surprised to learn that Malia is one of the liveliest party destinations in Europe. With such an abundance of establishments for you to whet your whistle, you’ll not only find the perfect place but, as a result of the competition, get yourself a great deal. The Cretan resort has a reputation as one of the friendliest places for groups of friends to go on a drink-focused holiday, making it an amiable alternative to similar Spain holidays. Malia holidays offer you 3 miles of coastline; meaning plenty of beach space for you to catch some rays/recover from the night before. If you’re inclined to go and explore some of the history and culture associated with holidays in Greece, the ruins of a Minoan Palace are located on the outskirts of the resort. With beaches, sunshine and partying, Malia is a great choice for a hedonistic holiday of drinking and debauchery.


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  • Nightlife

Malia is Crete’s and, dare I say, Greece’s premier destination for an evening of revelling, and one of the most popular places on the continent for 18-30s, rivalling Ibiza and Magaluf. The cramped, meandering streets are an endearing characteristic that all lead towards the main strip. The parties spill onto the street and the close proximity of establishments makes it easy to be swept in and out of them all night; while the drinks deals you’re offered ensure you’ll be able to keep getting the rounds in. There’s over 150 pubs, clubs and bars to choose from so there’s somewhere for absolutely everyone, whatever your taste or desire.


  • Dolphin Beach

There are a few other great beaches in Malia that may be better suited to your needs - Pleasure Beach has a pool and music, while Tropical Beach is great for relaxing – but Dolphin Beach takes the best bits of all the others to become the best sand spot in Malia. There’s an abundance of watersports and water-based activities but if the water, or lounging on the sand for that matter, isn’t to your taste Dolphin has TVs, tables and even games consoles!


  • Malia Slides

Malia’s small water park is a place to go and catch some rays and relax away from the beach. Entry to Malia Slides is free, a rarity for water parks on cheap Crete holidays, and affords you the opportunity to get the party started during the day. There’s a well-stocked bar alongside the sun-loungers and slides, and the park is home to what are arguably the resort’s best pool parties.


  • Malia Booze Cruise

A cultural day sailing around and taking in the sights of the historic Greek Island of Crete… or not. Independent from any tour operator, Malia Booze Cruise is all about - you guessed it - getting drunk and partying out at sea. On the cruise you’ll have a top Malia DJ soundtracking the floating festivities; which include games and drinking enough alcohol that’ll ensure you’ll still have ‘sea legs’ when you’re back on land.


  • Malia Ruins

Go and visit some ruins, on drinking holiday? Really? Well it might not be what you’d expect to be doing on your Malia holidays, but how often do you get the opportunity to visit 4,000 year old ruins of a palace built by the Minoans, the first people in Europe to do so. You’re also in the country that was the birthplace of civilisation as we know it (there’s a joke in there somewhere about civilisation and the reasons for visiting Malia in the first place), so why not go and see the relics of what was once the third largest palace in Crete.


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Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Visa: N/A

Vaccinations: N/A

Dress code: N/A

Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7313 5609, Tourist Office: 020 7495 9300

Other info: N/A

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