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Faliraki Holidays

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Flights to Faliriki – Classic family beach holidays

Faliraki is only about ten miles from Rhodes International Airport, which is handy. So flights to Faliraki let you spend more time on holiday and less time faffing about with transfers. Good deal.  If Athens is all a bit much flights to Faliraki provide a great alternative, located at Paradissi and convenient for the whole island. You’re even within spitting distance of Turkey, should you wish to spit at it for some reason known only to yourself. It takes all sorts. Flights to Faliraki are at their busiest between April and October. Once you land on solid ground it is easy and cheap to get yourself where you want to be, via one of several million cabs and efficient local buses.

Faliriki Flights – Visit Anthony Quinn bay!

Flights to Faliraki offer much more than just the resort itself. Rhodes is lovely. You can hire a boat and explore the stunning coastline, stopping off at deserted bays for picnics, parties, games and sunbathing. Kathara Bay is particularly gorgeous although you might have a bit of a shock if you wander too far down towards the end of the beach. Flights to Faliraki attract their fair share of naturists and there’s a nudist beach at the far end of Kathara Bay. There’s even a bay named after Anthony Quinn, who filmed bits of The Guns of Navarone there. Great film.  

Flights to Faliriki – Leather goods, rugs and jewellery

Faliraki is Greece’s third busiest airport and it has grown in popularity year on year since opening in ’77. The peak season covers late spring to early autumn but flights to Faliraki run all year round. Whatever time of year you visit you’ll find good car hire, a variety of banks, duty free shopping, cafes and other eateries at the airport, a welcome break before you continue your journey. If you want to buy stuff, choose flights to Faliraki for excellent bargains on leather goods, hand woven rugs, jewellery, pottery and delicious Greek honey. Go on… haggle!

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