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There is more than enough to keep you occupied in the immediate vicinity of Faliraki. Take look at the most popular attractions and start getting excited!


Lazy Days by the Beach


  • Faliraki beach is a water sport hotspot and the place where most of the young crowds tend to gather, either sleeping off the hangover or preparing for the next one


  • Rhodes Town is up the coast, so if you want to experience another beach try the one here


  • Kalithea Bay is another popular choice with very welcoming sea which is perfect for water sports and divers


Hit the Bars


  • Make no mistake, Faliraki is a legendary party hotspot and a match for anywhere else in the Med


  • It is the biggest night out on the island of Rhodes so you will find people from resorts all over the island coming into town to experience it for themselves


  • Bar Street has dozens of establishments offering drinks promotions and other ‘lures’ to get you in. There are also plenty of places to get some grub before hitting the town


Fun Excursions


  • One of the best family friendly attractions in Faliraki is the nearby water park. Perfect for young and big kids as well as adults


  • Rhodes Town is the ideal place for a day out. Discover new beaches, ancient ruins and loads of restaurants


  • There are often land trains which transport island dwellers from resort to resort with many leaving from outside the big hotels. Make use them as an inexpensive way to see the island and the other popular towns

Hints & Tips

  • Take a trip to the island of Symi. It is a great day out and lets you explore further afield too


  • With over 60 bars and taverns to choose from at night, you would be advised to spend the first night trying a few out to see which one suits your ‘needs’ the most! Head to the outskirts of the town for quieter establishments


  • Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes Town is perhaps the best example of the history and culture within easy reach, so is well worth a visit 

Places Similar to Faliraki

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  • Rhodes

    Rhodes the island is one of Greece's biggest isles and offers visitors exactly what they wish for. Whether it's a place steeped in history, an isolated beach, an all-inclusive beach break in Lindos or all night clubbing in Faliraki.