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Flights to Athens – A mightily flashy new airport

Flying into Athens is a lot easier and more laid back since the Olympics were held there. The airport as been modernised and extended and it’s a pleasure to travel through these days. Flights to the new Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (pronounce that if you dare!) bring you to a friendly place, Greece’s manic capital city. See Athens and die? Some people love it, others detest it. Five million people live in the city and it is hot, crowded, busy, full-on and occasionally smoggy. On the positive side, there’s enough to do to keep you busy for weeks. And flights to Athens put you within easy reach of the quieter bits of Greece, the country’s resorts and jewel-like uninhabited islands.

Athens Flights – Old stuff everywhere

Not many cities show so many of their ancient bones. The oldest bits of London are underground, buried and forgotten. But Athens’ history pokes through the modern stuff everywhere you look. Flights to Athens are ideal for history buffs and academics, who will relish strolling through the Agora and the view from the Acropolis. The Olympic Games improved living standards for locals in all sorts of ways and the city’s now much nicer to walk around with renovated buildings, green stuff, new parks and loads of fresh pedestrian-friendly areas. These days you can walk safely around the whole Acropolis area including Thission and Keramikos, all 90 percent pedestrianised.

Flights to Athens – City breaks and romantic long weekends

Flights to Athens airport can be delayed, like flights anywhere. Some of the locals recommend that, unless your delay is a significant one, it might be best to stay in the airport and relax than brave the chaos outside. The food at the airport is really good, staff are friendly and it’s a cool pace to hang out away from the traffic fumes. Choose flights to Athens for a city break with a difference, a stag or hen weekend or a romantic long weekend and you won’t be disappointed.

We love it. Marvellous stuff.

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