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Miami Beach Holidays

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Holidays in Miami Beach -  So Many Attractions       

Miami is a fabulous cosmopolitan metropolis bursting with attractions, nightlife, and shopping. There are miles of beaches, museums, parks, and exciting restaurants as well. Miami port has more cruise activity than anywhere else in the world. It’s over 220 miles to Orlando from here, which is either too near or too far depending on your point of view. But really it’s neither, it’s the right distance! You can easily include Walt Disney World in a Miami beach holiday, or vice versa. However, there are lots of things to do in Miami beach. How about a bit of celebrity spotting to start the evening, perhaps? Then off you go and disappear into the wonderful world of Miami’s nightlife. Not permanently of course, we’d only worry about you.

The Biltmore Hotel – Miami Beach Holidays

The Biltmore Hotel has catered for royalty from Europe, proper royalty that is, and ‘royalty’ from Hollywood. Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, and Al Capone were frequent guests. Not so much these days though. However, these days it’s a great hotel and worth visiting to see the marvellous architecture and listen carefully to see if that’s the ghostly echo of one of the big bands of yesteryear you can hear, or is it just the lift music?

Coconut Grove – Miami Beach Holidays – Miami

An eclectic neighbourhood that's home to artists and writers, so a bit like Leigh-on-Sea then. Enjoy the luxury shops, trendy stores and chic restaurants by day, and in the evening its lively nightlife. Hmmm, that Leigh-on-Sea comparison is beginning to fade. The Ritz-Carlton hotel is here and its Italian Renaissance magnificence is yours for the taking. It’s one of those hotels that look unattainably expensive, but there are some great deals available and you can really live the high life here. Mind you, there’s always the Cobham Lodge in Westcliff-on-sea.

Miami Seaquarium – Miami Beach Holidays – Miami

Miami Seaquarium has exciting shows, great exhibits and enjoyable, educational presentations in all overlooking Biscayne Bay. There are whales, sea lions, turtles, sharks, manatees, birds, alligators and dolphins. The dolphins are prone to leaping out of the water and jumping through any handy hoops that someone might be holding. This is activity they rarely replicate in the wild. We suspect some training has been undertaken. Keep an eye on them and see what you think. Perhaps the ones in the wild are just lazy, and crying out for someone to stand there, over the sea, holding a hoop so they can show us all just how clever they are.

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