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Flights to Miami – Learn a few words of Spanish

Flights to Miami land you in a city where half the population is Hispanic, mainly from Cuba. So Spanish is spoken everywhere, probably more so than English. Do the decent thing, learn a few Spanish phrases and you’ll fit right in. Seriously, they expect you to make an effort. A hundred years ago you wouldn’t have dreamed of booking flights to Miami, even if they’d invented aeroplanes back then. It was a swampy hell hole full of mosquitoes and itchy, irritable settlers. Cross people with guns… never a good idea. These days it’s a lot different. Much of Miami is clean and smart. And Miami International Airport is one of the world’s busiest serving more than 80 airlines flying to a whopping 150 destinations.

Miami Flights – Art and culture at the airport

We used to know the Spanish for ‘my donkey is bored’ but we’ve forgotten it. A case of use it or lose it, we suppose. We haven’t needed to express our donkey’s boredom very often, if at all.  Choose flights to Miami and enjoy the home of the world’s longest conga line, almost 120,000 people doing the conga won a place in the record books in 1988. What a brilliant claim to fame. Miami airport’s claim to fame is that it has its very own Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, set up to enrich the airport’s environment using contemporary artwork. So if your flights to Miami give you the time take in an exhibition, catch some culture or find out about local artists.

Flights to Miami – 138 destinations worldwide

Miami airport employs a staggering 35,500 people. From there you can fly to and from 138 worldwide destinations. Pick flights to Miami’s tropical climate if you love things hot and humid, but bear in mind that it is pretty wet in summer. In the winter it is cooler and drier, much more comfortable. Miami temperatures have only gone into three figures once, in 1942, when it hit 100F. But the humidity can make it feel much hotter, up to 110F. Some love it, others hate it… we think it is a bit like trying to breathe soup. Once, in 1977, they had some snow, but they haven’t had so much as a flake since then. Take fights to Miami and use TransFloridian coach service to explore further; they run a daily service to Islamorada, Key Largo, Marathon and Key West.

Steamy, Spanish and exotic. Book your flights to Miami here.

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Miami Holiday Hot Spots

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