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Gulf Coast Holidays

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Gulf Coast Holidays

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Gulf Coast Holidays -  Great Attractions                                   

Gulf Coast holidays offer an incredible landscape for a relaxing break. The Everglades National Park, the Big Cypress Swamp, and numerous other wetland reserves, wildlife refuges and habitats are all close by Florida’s Gulf Coast. Then there are the miles of beautiful beaches, washed by the warm Gulf waters and covered in a fascinating array of seashells. Busch Gardens is closer than Walt Disney World, but even the latter attraction is only 75 to 90 minutes journey, which is about as long as it takes to get from Catford, through the Blackwall Tunnel, and to the bottom bit of the M11 of a morning. While you might not want to commute to Disney every day from here, you could stay in a Disney Hotel for a few days and keep your base on the Gulf Coast, or you could plan a two-centre holiday of course. Cheap Gulf Coast hotels are available so splitting up your holiday is always an option.

Cheap Gulf Coast Holidays -  Many Beautiful Beaches

Either way, having the Gulf Coast of Florida to look forward to after a hard day or more exploring the theme parks of Orlando might just help make it all seem a little more worthwhile, especially if one of your party is reluctant to embark on an Orlando holiday. Such people do exist, we’ve read about them in the newspapers, so it must be true. The Gulf Coast is a great place to relax, and get plenty of peace and quiet when you want to.

Gulf Coast Holidays-  Great for Shopping

Gulf Coast holidays offer a location that is pure paridise. If you have a reluctant Orlando tourist in your family, just tell them about the Gulf Coast's white sand beaches, Clearwater Beach Marina, the Florida Aquarium at Tampa, and tell them they will still be close enought o Orlando.  If that doesn't work, mention all the great shopping.  The International Plaza Mall is filled with designer outlets (should any of you lose your clothes).  Gulf Coast resorts have many great malls and boutiques to choose from, so it's easy to find a bargain! Cheap Florida holidays are plentiful so with the shopping and the accomodation a Florida holiday can be great value for money.

Gulf Coast Holiday Hot Spots

  • Clearwater

    Holidays to Clearwater Florida - Excellent Beaches Clearwater and its island beaches is an excellent choice for a Gulf Coast holiday and is one of Florida's most popular holiday destinations. Due to its world-renown beaches and extensive recreational...

  • Sarasota

    Holidays in Sarasota - A Very Popular Place! Sarasota is often touted as one of the best places to live and work in America. It’s a pretty good place to go on your Florida holidays too! You can play tennis, go water skiing, shell collecting,...

Places Similar to Gulf Coast

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    Cheap Florida Keys Holidays - Plenty of Attractions Florida Keys holidays are an excellent choice for those who fancy a bit of island hopping in the beautiful caribbean waters. The Florida Keys is the collective name for the row of tiny islands that...

  • Gold Coast

    Gold Coast Florida Holidays - Beautiful Beaches Florida holidays offer the visitor the stunning Gold Coast, so named because of the gold salvaged from shipwrecks off its coastline. The Gold Coast has over 60 miles of Atlantic shoreline running from Jupiter...

  • Miami

    Cheap Holidays to Miami - Modern City, Great Beaches Cheap holidays to Miami offers the visitor a vibrant city with plenty of colour. The city is very multicultural and has a strong latin influence. It also has great nightlife, excellent weather...

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    Cheap Holidays in Orlando Live the fun, fantasy and magic of Orlando on your holidays. There is a reason Orlando is one of the world's top tourist destinations. Custom made to ensure you channel your inner child, the lights, sights and attractions...

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    Cheap Florida Villas - Great for Families We love cheap Florida holidays and there is a great choice of cheap Florida Villas available. They are a great affordable option for families and friends and with such a great choice of locations, there...