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Florida Keys Holidays

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Cheap Florida Keys Holidays -  Plenty of Attractions              

Florida Keys holidays are an excellent choice for those who fancy a bit of island hopping in the beautiful caribbean waters. The Florida Keys is the collective name for the row of tiny islands that make up the southern most tip of the USA. You might be familiar with the names Key Largo, or Key West from the movies, but there are over 100 other islands making up the Keys, all joined together by 126 miles of road and 42 huge bridges. Key West holidays allow you to visit is the southern most city in the main bit of the USA and a historic old town. There's a combination of interesting architecture, wonderful restaurants, and bars to explore. Then there are those Florida sunsets, exciting air boat rides, the snorkelling and diving to occupy you. If thatall sounds too hectic, you can just wander the palm-lined streets lined with mansions, tin-roofed conch houses, the John Audubon House, and Ernest Hemingway's home.

You’ll be walking in the footsteps of Thomas Edison, Harry Truman, and Tennessee Williams. The treasure of the galleon Atocha, which was dragged to the bottom of the sea over 400 years ago, and has now been dragged up again, only to appear on eBay. eBay a fitting end for such treasure?! The Marquis de Caldereita would be turning in his grave.

Cheap Holidays in Florida Keys -  Beautiful Beaches

A tourist, diving, and sea fishing haven, daytime temperatures in the Florida Keys are pleasantly affected by ocean breezes that keep everything quite bearable. An offshore reef has ruled out and waves going in and out action, so there’s no real beach here, just sharp with coral shards, but don’t panic, as there are a few man made beaches and lagoons that give you lovely and safe access to the beautiful Caribbean waters. A visit to the Florida Keys is a must on your Florida holidays

Florida Keys Holiday Hot Spots

  • Key Largo

    Holidays Key Largo - Natural Beauty Key Largo is the most northern island you can stay at on your Florida Keys holidays, and is thus just an hour’s drive from two major airports. Key Largo is between the watery wilderness of the Everglades...

  • Key West

    Key West Holidays - Great Attractions Key West holidays offer the visitor the opportunity to stay in a lovely old historic town. There's a great combination of interesting architecture, wonderful restaurants, and bars to explore. Then there...

Places Similar to Florida Keys

  • Gold Coast

    Gold Coast Florida Holidays - Beautiful Beaches Florida holidays offer the visitor the stunning Gold Coast, so named because of the gold salvaged from shipwrecks off its coastline. The Gold Coast has over 60 miles of Atlantic shoreline running from Jupiter...

  • Gulf Coast

    Gulf Coast Holidays - Great Attractions Gulf Coast holidays offer an incredible landscape for a relaxing break. The Everglades National Park, the Big Cypress Swamp, and numerous other wetland reserves, wildlife refuges and habitats...

  • Miami

    Cheap Holidays to Miami - Modern City, Great Beaches Cheap holidays to Miami offers the visitor a vibrant city with plenty of colour. The city is very multicultural and has a strong latin influence. It also has great nightlife, excellent weather...

  • Orlando

    Cheap Holidays in Orlando Live the fun, fantasy and magic of Orlando on your holidays. There is a reason Orlando is one of the world's top tourist destinations. Custom made to ensure you channel your inner child, the lights, sights and attractions...

  • Villas

    Cheap Florida Villas - Great for Families We love cheap Florida holidays and there is a great choice of cheap Florida Villas available. They are a great affordable option for families and friends and with such a great choice of locations, there...