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Florida Holidays

Florida Holidays

Florida Holiday Hot Spots



The organic and the manufactured collide, creating the immensely popular Florida holidays. Known the world over for its beautiful everglades, tropical weather and a love affair with theme parks, Florida is quite possibly the biggest tourist destination in the United States. Orlando and its myriad of inimitable amusement parks is probably the reason why most tourists visit the Sunshine State, but Florida holidays offer so much more than a cartoon mouse and roller coasters. Stunning coastlines made up of luscious golden sands, an unparalleled natural wildlife, year-long sunshine and a sweet southern charm make Florida one of the most fun-filled, culturally-rich vacation spots on the planet.

Beat the Brochure’s Top 5 recommendations


  • Theme Parks

You simply cannot avoid Orlando and its peerless theme parks on Florida holidays. Regardless of your reasons for visiting the Sunshine State, there really isn’t any reason not to set aside time for a visit to at least one of the world-renowned amusment parks flanking International Drive. The sunshine, fun and festivities never end, and with so many parks to choose from, there’s a place for visitors of all ages. With world class entertainment comes world class shopping and dining, which Orlando has in abundance. Unrivalled theme parks, extensive shopping opportunities and award-winning restaurants make visiting Orlando an absolute must for any bucket list!


  • The Kennedy Space Centre

Every United States human space flight since 1968 has been launched from the John F. Kennedy Space Centre on Merritt Island, Florida. The visitor centre gives tourists the opportunity to view exhibits, displays, historical spacecraft and memorabilia. Numerous bus tours of the spaceport are offered as well as a shuttle launch experience, giving you a simulated ride into space. Nowhere on Earth does the final frontier feel as close as it does at the KSC.


  • Miami

A cosmopolitan paradise, Miami is the destination for Florida holidaymakers looking for sunshine and culture. Miami’s extensive Hispanic communities and 25°C average yearly temperature has resulted in the city being nicknamed ‘the capital of Latin America’, while its impressive and perpetually growing skyline has seen the city compared to Manhattan in New York. You’ll struggle to pull yourself away from the divine beaches during the day and in the evening you’ll be swept away the city’s famously vibrant night life. Florida holidays don’t come much more hedonistic than in this sun-drenched metropolis.


  • The Everglades

The subtropical wetlands of the Everglades are home to one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Popular for its ‘rivers of grass’, the World Heritage Site of the Everglades National Park is visited by more than one million tourists a year and houses 40 species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles, 300 species of fish and over 350 species of birds. Airboat rides are an extremely popular way to manoeuvre across the marsh lands and take in the surroundings. The airboat also gives you a fantastic, rare opportunity to go and see some ‘gators in their natural environment. For the nature lovers’ Florida holidays, you won’t find anywhere better.


  • Florida Keys

Rich fruity drinks, swaying palm trees, glorious sunshine, warm breezes, crystal clear blue water and alluring beaches, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were in the Caribbean rather than the continental United States! The island group that make up the Florida Keys are compromised of everything you’d want from a vacation. If the pristine beaches aren’t your thing and you’d rather be a little more active, nature trails, both land and water, are available in the idyllic archipelago. While not what you’d expect from most Florida holidays, the Keys offer as much of a good time as Orlando attractions and theme parks.


Essential info


Currency: Dollar

Language: English

Visa: British tourists visiting the United States for less than 90 days must apply for an ESTA.

Vaccinations: N/A

Dress code: N/A

Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7499 9000

Other info: Certain plants and wildlife are banned from entering Florida.

Family Fun

Family holidays to Florida – From Disney to the Everglades, Orlando to Palm Beach

Cheap family holidays to Florida take you to the Sunshine State, a place of incredible variety. Whatever your favourite type of holiday, you'll have a fantastic time here. You can go mad and spend all your time at Disney World, letting the kids have the time of their lives. Or take them out into the wilderness on a guided tour of the beautiful Florida Everglades, a haven for wildlife from strange, weird and wonderful manatees to alligators, rare birds and spectacular marshy landscapes you'll never forget.

Florida family holidays – Visit the Sunshine State

Family holidays to Florida are all about sunshine. The climate's absolutely lovely and you'll be able to bask on the clean, golden sands at numerous excellent seaside resorts right along both of the State's lovely coastlines. There's Palm_Beach, luxurious and stunningly lovely, just like in the movies. There's ever popular Orlando, a full-on fairytale resort that's so packed with things to do you can easily spend your entire holiday there. And places like Boca Raton for endless sandy beaches and excellent water sports.

Florida family deals – Low cost breaks at quality hotels, resorts and complexes

Family deals to Florida let you explore all this and more at a price that'll keep you smiling. There's every kind of accommodation from five star luxury hotels and apartment complexes to basic hotels, traditional American roadhouses and motels. There's even gorgeous villas for privacy, perfect if you're taking a large group of family members of different ages with you. Florida is all about tourism and the facilities, food and entertainment are excellent.      

Take a tour of our last minute holidays to Florida and special late Florida deals ... let's find the very best Florida family holiday!

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