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Flights to Taba – Taba Heights and Taba

Taba Heights and Taba resorts are the main focus of flights to Taba, both new-ish places purpose built for sun lovers and very popular with UK holidaymakers. Taba is just 22 miles north of Taba International Airport, the destination of most of the resort’s charter flights. The journey into Taba takes around three quarters of an hour, an excellent opportunity to sit in air-conditioned comfort and acclimatise yourself to the Egyptian landscape. How long do flights to Taba take? You’d be surprised. This exotic destination is only five hours away and the climate is absolutely gorgeous – provide you like it HOT – all year round. Take flights to Taba for easy access to Dahab, Nowibah and further afield into Egypt.

Taba Flights – Beaches, sun, sea and sealife

Taba airport is basic with no frills. They’ll probably add the frills later to bring it up to typical Egyptian standards of bling and glitz. Taba has a cool shuttle bus service if you can’t be bothered to walk around the resort’s hotels, restaurants and sports centres. Flights to Taba can lead to adventures but you need to take a bit of common sense care. It is safer to book yourself on a guided tour than attempt to explore Egypt in a hire car. Enough said. This is a vast country and Taba isn’t close to anywhere much. Al Arish is 120 miles away. Sharm El Sheikh is about the same. Suez is about 140 miles away and Ismailia over 150. Never mind – most people come here for beach and sea activities and flights to Taba mostly cater for traditional holidays.

Flights to Taba – Wallow in the warm, shallow Red Sea

The Red Sea is warm, flat and shallow. So Taba is ideal for kids, who can learn to snorkel and potter endlessly and safely on the beaches. For a wilder time head for the Waterworld Sports Centre; every imaginable kind of water based fun and games. Flights to Taba leave you within spitting distance of Jordan and Israel, both of which you can see clearly from Taba Heights. Hm. If you fancy a visit take a tin hat, don full body armour and good luck to you. Petra is fantastic, as is Jerusalem itself.

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