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Flights to Sharm El Sheikh – Sea, desert and mountains… wow

Sharm el Sheikh is world famous for diving. We know someone who had never dived in his life until he went there on holiday. Now he’s moving to Egypt to teach diving. So watch yourself, flights to Sharm El Sheikh might result in an unexpected career change.  If you can imagine yourself as a diving instructor or windsurfing dude /dude-ess you’d better not go. Just in case the temptation proves too much. But flights to Sharm El Sheikh give you more than just sea and breach stuff. The place also has dramatic, bleak desert mountains on offer for land-based safaris and adventures. Cool place.

Sharm El Sheikh Flights – Book in to the lovely Na’ama Bay resort

Flights to Sharm El Sheikh go direct to Sharm El Sheikh Airport, just north east of the city near Ras Nasrani. They opened terminal 2 in 2007 to turn what was already a thriving airport into an international monster handling a massive eight million people a year. Most holidaymakers book flights to Sharm El Sheikh to get to the main tourist area at Na'ama Bay. If you choose a package holiday then transfers will probably be included. If not take a cab, but arrange and agree a price before you set off.

Fly over Mt Sinai on your way to Sharm El Sheikh

Take flights to Sharm El Sheik and dare to do something a bit different. You can hire cars at the airport from a handful of trustworthy household name operators and explore the desert. Do your homework first though - there isn’t an information desk at the airport. But never mind… you’ve got all the usual stuff you’d expect from a big airport; money changing and cashpoint machines, places to eat and drink, jewellery and souvenir shops and duty free shopping. Most people choose flights to Sharm El Sheikh for the beaches and sea, and most hotels have a private beach. If you’ve got an adventurous spirit go and find yourself a sandy private beach haven in Ras Muhammad National Park, a stunning place well worth a short trek.

Book your flights to Sharm El Sheikh here and hot those beaches!

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