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With access to the Red Sea, it is little wonder that the beaches in Hurghada are the main attraction, with many water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing available right along the Hurghada coast throughout most months of the year. But you would be wrong to think that this is all Hurghada has to offer. It has a buzzing nightlife scene as well as ample opportunities to explore Egypt’s rich cultural and natural wonders


Glorious Sandy Beaches


  • With a 20km seafront, there is little chance of you not being able to find a sandy spot on which to settle down and catch some rays


  • If walking along the beach is not your ideal way to spend a day, then hire as beach buggy for some high adrenaline fun instead!


  • Whatever month you visit in, the beaches will always be welcoming. In January temperatures do not dip below 16 degrees, whilst in the height of summer a welcoming 32 degrees awaits


Underwater Delights


  • Diving is what Hurghada prides itself on and it is common to see people either taking lessons from the dive centre or going on excursions to the many Red Sea reefs which are easily accessible from the main beaches


  • Giftun Island is a protected area teeming with underwater life and a popular diving location


  • South of Hurghada there's a lovely bay with a reef full with corals and colourful fish that even the most modest snorkeler will be able to mingle with. Get a taxi here and spend the day


Daily Excursions


  • If you are reluctant to book a holiday to Hurghada because you want to be able to visit the pyramids, then think again, as daily excursions to the major sights and capital city Cairo are available from here too


  • Visit Cairo and experience true Egyptian life by trying your hand a haggling in a local market. It may take a while before you get as good as the locals though


  • Luxor is where you will find the famous Valley of the Kings. It is a must-see attraction, full stop. Do not miss out for any reason as you will regret it. 

Hints & Tips

  • Night owls take not of Papa's Beach Club. Pop in here and you might catch live bands from the UK, or a well known London DJ doing a set. There are sometimes themed party nights and more and is a popular spot for the young and trendy crowds


  • Hurghada is famed for being a family friendly resort so if you want plenty of restaurants which cater for younger eaters as well as family-orientated attractions, you will not be disappointed


  • Seeing the desert and its majestic dunes and horizons is an incredible experience in itself; however wouldn’t it be much better explored in a 4x4? Speeding across the dunes allows you to visit small villages and sample local customs, culture and cuisines in the Sahara

Places Similar to Hurghada