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Egypt Holidays

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Flights to Egypt – Some weird and wonderful facts

Rather than chat about the pyramids and all that, which we’ve already done for our Cairo page, we thought we’d go in search of some weird facts about Egypt. Flights to Egypt are about more than the standard – albeit wonderful – tourist attractions. And we like gathering pub quiz fodder. Here’s some nice ones. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians chopped the year up into twelve thirty day months. We wonder what they did with the five days left over? Did they pretend the extra days didn’t exist? Did they party themselves blind at the end of every year in an effort to paper over the whole conundrum? Who knows. Choose flights to Egypt and maybe you’ll find out.

Egypt Flights – The land of extreme cat lovers

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians adored their pet cats so much that they’d shave their eyebrows off in mourning when one died? We love our cats too but our eyebrows are sacred. Without them we only have two expressions; bewildered happy and bewildered sad. Flights to Egypt cover several airports; Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Hurghada, Luxor Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, St Catherine and Taba. Some have been built to service newish purpose built resorts, others are vast retail-focused complexes where you can buy stuff, relax, eat and drinks - almost cities in themselves.

Flights to Egypt – The original carrier pigeons

More Egypt facts to get you going? Hm, let’s see. If you thought Queen Victoria had a good innings, witness Egyptian king Pepi II. He was crowned when he was six and stayed on the throne until he was almost ninety five years old. And - my favourite factoid - ancient Egyptians were the first ever people to send messages via pigeon. Clever lot. You’ve got to hand it to pigeons too. Take flights to Egypt and you’ll see the good old pigeon everywhere, just like here in the UK. Far from being vermin with wings, they’re intelligent and adaptable. Whatever, they’ll probably be here long after we’ve gone.

Book your flights to Egypt here. Easy. No faffing, fiddling or fuming.

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Egypt Holiday Hot Spots

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