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Protaras Holidays

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Flights to Protaras – Hot in summer, closed in winter

Book your flights to Protaras in the summer season, or you’ll be stuffed… this is a resort, pure and simple. Fiercely hot in the peak season, averaging 33C in August the place shuts down Between November and April, becoming a ghost town. As you can imagine, flights to Protaras don’t exactly deposit you in a fantasy island paradise. No, no, no. It is butt ugly, purpose built to house sun seekers and revellers. But wait a mo’… there’s a silver lining to every cloud and flights to Protaras give you access to one of the best beaches in Cyprus, Fig Tree Bay. Oh, now this is the business. So what if Protaras is a bit of a minger? Fig Tree Bay, as beaches go, is a supermodel.

Protaras Flights – Hit Paralimni for the best shopping

Flights to Protaras land you at Larnaca International Airport, the biggest of the island’s two airports and only an hour’s drive away. Protaras’ resort area is small and intimate so there’s no need to hire a car unless you’re hell bent on road tripping your way around the island. There are loads of places to buy all your basic beach stuff; beach balls and games and swimming gear and buckets and spades and the like. But the shopping’s much better at nearby Paralimni. Flights to Protaras give you the opportunity to explore Larnaca itself, well worth a visit before you trot off to your hotel.

Flights to Protaras – Airport expansion underway

They’re working hard at the moment building a new terminal at Larnaca airport, due to be finished in 2013. So flights to Protaras are due to become an easier, smoother and more luxurious experience before long. Protaras itself is history-free and as bland as a bland thing, with nothing much to see in the area other than sand, sea and hotels. But if you’re a beach holiday purist, determined to remain horizontal on the sand throughout the daylight hours, history won’t matter a stuff. Flights to Protaras equals flights to a holiday resort, full stop. If you get desperate for something a bit different, nearby Paralimni has some cool shops and proper Cypriot tavernas for a faint taste of authentic Cyprus.

Prepare to get seriously horizontal… book your flights to Protaras here!

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