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Flights to Paphos – Historic and pretty, heavenly beaches

Pahos is home to Cyprus’s second biggest airport, owned and run by the same company as Larnaca airport with much the same flavour and facilities. Take flights to Paphos – or Pafos as the locals call it – and you’ll land just under ten miles from Paphos centre. There aren’t any hotels at the airport itself but there are loads of places to stay in town if you’re there on business. Choose flights to Paphos airport and hit Paphos itself, a small resort with a unique flavour of its own. Nice and intimate with everything within walking distance. Nearby Coral Bay is absolutely gorgeous, one of the most stunning beaches on the island. If you‘re imagining that flights to Paphos will deliver you into some sort of paradise, then Coral Bay will prove you right.

Paphos Flights – Hit the hot sand!

Paphos International airport handled more than 1.7 million holidaymakers in 2007 so although flights to Paphos land you in a relatively small airport, it isn’t exactly deserted. In fact it is a well equipped place with twenty check-in desks. We like that; we are not temperamentally suited to queuing. At the same time, it is small enough so that even the directionally challenged will be hard pushed to get lost. And you’ll never have far to run for your ‘plane. Just five gates and fourteen aircraft stands. Small but perfectly formed. Flights to Paphos international airport offer all the usual useful facilities like cafes and bars, duty free and gifty stuff.

Flights to Paphos – Ditch the ice cream and head for the hills

If flights to Paphos mean more to you than getting sand in your knickers and snarfing beer, hire a car and head up the magnificent Troodos mountains. A good place to hide from the relentless sunshine if you’re feeling a bit browbeaten by it. The forests are cool and inviting, populated by real wildlife instead of people having a wild time. I’m going to sound like your mum now. Take a fleece or something if you go mountain exploring. You’d find it hard to believe from down on the scorching hot beach but it gets cold at 6,500 feet above sea level. As you can see, flights to Paphos offer a bit more than the usual holidaymaker beach fare and it’s a great base for some serious inland adventures.

Do beaches and mountains in one go. Book your flights to Paphos here!

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