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Nowhere else quite manages to merge typical beach holiday attractions with rich historical sites and cultural landmarks like Paphos. One minute you could be basking under 30 degree heat on the beach, the next exploring remains from Roman times. It is this diversity of attractions which explains just how this small town on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean manages to punch so far above its weight in the holiday stakes.


Take a look at a selection of the top Paphos attractions which await and remember that is there will still be plenty of surprises in store when you touch down.


Choice of Beaches


  • Paphos has a great selection of beaches, with one of the most popular being Coral Bay. It is a very laid back beach and a favourite with families


  • The beach at Agios Georgios may not be smooth white sand, but the surrounding area is very pretty and relaxing


  • If you want a livelier alternative, nearby Limassol beach is a popular stretch with younger crowds


Exploring Paphos’ History


  • The most famous attraction in Paphos is the Tomb of the Kings. In fact, the whole of Paphos has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Centre which just shows how impressive and important the culture and history is here


  • Paphos Archaeological Park is a protected site of ruins from the time of Roman occupation. The House of Dionysos and House of Theseus were once large Roman villas that boast impressive mosaics. The impressive Odeon still stands relatively intact too


  • Take a trip to nearby Limassol for even more attractions, which include old mosques and ancient architecture


Keep Active


  • Paphos holidays allow you to keep active. One of the best ways to do so without missing the beach too much is by snorkelling the calm Mediterranean waters


  • Hikers will be in heaven here. Nicosia and the nearby Troodos mountains have numerous trails which are perfect for exploring on a warm morning or evening


  • Take a walk along Paphos harbour. It is a lovely setting and you will not have any difficulty finding a place to stop and enjoy a cold drink once you have had enough!

Hints & Tips

  • You will certainly never get hungry in Paphos. Local hotels, cafes and restaurants serve up every sort of food you could possibly imagine, from British grub to seafood delicacies. Choose a different cuisine every night!


  • A trip to the Troodos Mountains is a must. Some areas are as high as 6,500 feetand the trails allow you to get a real feel of the beautiful countryside scenery


  • With all these sites close by, make sure you do not forget about the beaches. Whilst many of the popular beaches are close by, take a trip further down the coast to find hidden and secluded stretches

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