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Limassol is Cyprus’ very own city that never sleeps, offering a cosmopolitan elegance and old town charm unlike anywhere else on the island. The historical areas, shops, bars and status as a city on the beach has seen the city described as the Cypriot answer to Barcelona. There’s something for everyone on Limassol holidays; with innumerable attractions - both manmade and natural - at your disposal and year-long sunshine. The nightlife of the city is only rivalled by that of Ayia Napa within Cyprus, while in the day you’re offered all the relaxation and culture of a holiday to Paphos. Cheap Limassol holidays are everything great about visiting Cyprus in a sun-kissed nutshell.


Beat the Brochure’s Top 5 recommendations


  • Fasouri Watermania Water Park

Boasting over 30 slides and attractions for visitors of all ages, Limassol’s Fasouri Watermania Water Park is a great way to diversify your visit to the city. The park is regarded as one of the finest of its kind in Europe and was once even named as the best in the continent at the World Travel Awards. Spacious, clean and not too crowded; in spite of the park’s popularity, you can even find yourself having a relaxing time taking everything at your own pace.


  • Lady Mile Beach

For better or for worse, restrictions mean that Lady Mile Beach, like its surrounding areas, can’t be invested in. These restrictions have resulted in an unspoilt beach that’s perfect for families with young children. The warm sea water is shallow while the long beach is comprised of soft, golden sand, making it ideal for a gentle stroll in the sunshine to get out of your Cyprus hotel. There is a feeling of seclusion on the beach because of its location, though tavernas serving food and drinks are available cose by.


  • Limassol Castle

Cheap Limassol holidays offer plenty of activity to suit all tastes and ages; one of the most popular attractions for tourists is the city’s castle. Built in the 14th Century over the remains of another castle in what is now the Old Town, Limassol Castle has such a rich history that it couldn’t possibly be listed in just a paragraph. Supposedly the location of Richard the Lionheart’s wedding, the Castle and its museum pays homage to all the visitors over the years (the Ventians, the Ottomans, the British etc.) amongst a beautiful setting of cobbled streets and gorgeous gardens.


  • Lambouri Winery

Located in the Troodos Mountains, that serve as the scenic backdrop to Limassol, is the Lambouri Winery. Lambouri is a name that has been identified with fine wines for the last 300 years, and their produce is regarded as some of the best in Cyprus. Tours of the winery and its vineyards are highly recommended because of their hands-on and personal nature. Whether your tour is given by a passionate staff member or the owner himself, you’re promised insight into the wine-making process and some tastes that might just see you return to your room with a bottle in tow.


  • Sayious Adventure Park

A historical location offering just as much to the couple as it does family holidays in Cyprus, Limassol is home to an adventure park that will appeal to everybody. The Sayious Adventure Park is one for the adventurers and thrill-seekers; with off-road buggy driving, paintball, go-karting and archery just some of the activities on offer in one of Cyprus’ most popular attractions. You may be pre-occupied at the time but the Adventure Park also offers incredible scenery, while health and safety is of optimum importance. From wine tasting to off-road quad biking, Limassol holidays are varied experiences with something for everyone.


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