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Larnaca Holidays

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Flights to Larnaca – A compact town with excellent transport links

If flights to Larnaca take your fancy, you’re in the right place. You can book yours here. Larnaca’s an ancient place full of old buildings and monuments and monasteries, solid evidence of a history going back 6000+ years. Flights to Larnaca drop you right in the middle of all this history, even though it is sometimes buried at least six deep in holidaymakers. Larnaca has six wonderful museums and archaeological sites bang in the city centre and it is a great hopping off point for the rest of Cyprus, an island of great variety and charm. Choose flights to Larnaca if you’re into lively nightlife too; there’s masses of tavernas, cafes, bars, restaurants and other good eateries. And Ayia Napa’s only an hour’s drive away.

Larnaca Flights – Destination? Larnaca airport

Larnaca is, unsurprisingly, home to Larnaca Airport, Cyrpus’s main international airport and just four miles or so away by car. The local taxi drivers are friendly and drive like the wind, a bit hair raising but nowhere near as scary as Rome. Choose flights to Larnaca and rent a car at the airport, a good low cost option if exploring’s your thing. Larnaca itself is only little so you can walk everywhere if you like, no problem. While many people book their flights to Larnaca airport their final destinations are spread far and wide across the island. Cyprus’s main road flows out of Larnaca so it’s an easy matter to head from there to resorts like Paphos and Limassol.

Flights to Larnaca – Poke around in the Pierides

If you’ve got a few hours to spare and you’re a fan of the eccentric side of life, hop over to the wonderful Pierides Museum, a slightly mad (they call it eclectic) collection of objects, relics, art and other marvellous stuff collected from all over Cyprus. Or take flights to Larnaca and use the city as your base for exploring places like Kition, the age old site of the original Larnica. Most of it is buried underground but it pokes through in places. Passengers on flights to Larnaca airport will see big improvements underway. The all singing all dancing new airport opens at Larnaca on November 11th 2009.

Save time and minimise faff! Book your flights to Larnaca here.

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