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Flights to Ayia Napa – 250,000 clubbers a year

If you’re not fazed by the thought of quarter of a million happy clubbers then Ayia Napa’s probably your dream destination. More than 250,000 party animals book flights to Ayia Napa every year and – we must be honest – this resort really is focused firmly at UK booze monsters in their teens and twenties. Anyone over thirty will find it far too insane. There are plenty of lovely places to go in Cyprus, so leave flights to Ayia Napa to the kiddies unless you actually enjoy observing drunken fat lasses in various states of public nudity. Flights to Ayia Napa do give some opportunity for a spot of culture but not a lot. OK, there’s an ancient monastery at its heart (we assume the monks have long ago given up in disgust) and the resort’s harbour front is an exercise in funky design.

Ayia Napa Flights – Larnaca. Cyprus’s main airport

Flights to Ayia Napa will deposit you at Larnaca airport, convenient for all Cyprus’s many resorts. Larnaca is 43 miles or so from Limassol and 28 miles from Ayia Napa itself, with typical flight times from the UK of between 4 and 5 hours depending where you depart from. You’ll find flights to Ayia Napa with a good choice of trusted household name airlines and holiday operators including British Airways, Lufthansa, Olympic Airlines, KLM and bmi. Larnaca is Cyprus’s main international airport so you’re spoiled for choice where public transport’s concerned; there are loads of efficient local buses and taxis and it doesn’t cost much to hire a car. One of the best things about flights to Ayia Napa is that they drive on the left in Cyprus. Yay!

Flights to Ayia Nappa – Miles of golden sandy beaches

Ayia Napa resort hugs three solid miles of gorgeous sandy beach, the coolest thing about the whole place. Three miles of beach is enough to find a good spot in and get a bit of privacy, no matter how crowded it gets. Take flights to Ayia Napa if you like your seas and beaches spotless – most of the beaches along that bit of the coast have been given a pretty blue flag for being clean and having good facilities. Ayia Napa will provide all the booze, pubs, bars and clubs you could ever need as well as beach bars and DJs at Grecian Bay, Nissi Beach and nearby family-friendly Protaras.

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Places Similar to Ayia Napa

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    As the oldest city in Cyprus, it is little wonder that Larnaca is home to some of the island’s most important and well-known historical sites, which combined with over 25km of beach, make it a standout attraction for those looking for a sun-kissed holiday of a lifetime. ...

  • Paphos

    Paphos holidays are beach resorts with a historical backdrop. A UNESCO area thanks to the Tomb of the Kings, archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, catacombs and the Fort of Paphos overlooking the harbour.

  • Protaras

    For those who have relaxation in mind, Protaras is always a leading holiday contender. Although relatively close to Ayia Napa, it offers a completely different way of life with laid back beaches and classy restaurants more prominent than late night clubs and all night partying. ...