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Botanical Gardens – Puerto de la Cruz Attractions - Tenerife – The Canary Islands

The botanical gardens at Puerto de la Cruz have lots of trees that are very old indeed. Most are huge or have grown into remarkably un-treelike shapes and are extremely impressive for anyone remotely interested in trees. It’s not as big as Kew Gardens, but no where near as expensive to enter either. And there’s a better view from here too, and no busy ‘South Circular Road’ to spoil the effect either.  

Tenerife Carnival – Attractions in Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife – The Canary Islands
Yuck. We just learned that ‘carnival’ is something to do with meat:

Carne = meat
Va = it goes

We should have guessed really. Meat aside, Tenerife Carnival is about the third biggest in the world and loads of fun, even for vegetarians.

Look out for the burying of the sardine. It’s a huge colourful pretend one, made out of papier mache and followed in procession by lots of local widows. The widows are pretend too, and are actually local young men dressed rather inappropriately as widows in saucy stockings and what not. Some people pay good money for that kind of thing, but not in Tenerife, it’s all free! Hooray!

Tenerife Holiday Hot Spots

  • Botanico - Canary Islands


    Built in 1974 and renovated in 1996, the hotel boasts 252 rooms over 6 floors of. This total includes 205 doubles, 40 suites and 5 apartments. Guests are invited to relax and recuperate in th...

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    Holidays in Las Caletillas - A Great Place to Relax Las Caletillas is on the north east coast is close to Santa de la Cruz, Tenerife’s capital. It’s certainly the place to come for a little more peace as those high rise hotels haven’t...

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    Located in the north-west of Tenerife, Playa De La Arena is a resort which is big on relaxation. Think palm trees, stunning views and relaxing beaches and you will not be too far away from an exact picture of what to expect on a holiday to Playa De La Arena

  • Playa De Las Americas

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