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Las Palmas Holidays

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Cheap Holidays in Las Palmas -  The Capital of Gran Canaria       

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria and a very cosmopolitan city. Its a great place for cheap holidays, but has many industries outside of tourism. It was one of the busiest ports in the world for years up until quite recently too. The Barrio de la Vegueta is a lovely part of the town, with many houses that would look more at home in South America. There’s an interesting museum your children will like because it has mummified remains and human skulls in it. It’s the Canaries Museum or ‘Museo Canario’ as it’s known locally.  The Casa de Colon is a great museum too. 

Bargain Holidays in Las Palmas -  Plenty of Attractions       

Las Palmas is well known for its excellent nightlife.  There's a lovely blend of classy bars and resaurant, but plenty of all night venues for those who like to party.  The Plaza de Espana is a great place to start your drinking.  There is also a great I Max venue, where many films are shown in English.  The science museum at Museo Elder is also well worth exploring.  There are activities around the beach area too.  Las Palmas holidays are a great choice for families.

Cheap Las Palmas Holidays -  Great for Shopping          

The shopping is excellent here too, and Las Palmas has the largest shopping district in Gran Canaria.  Most of the best shops are centred around Calle Mayor de Triana.  This street has even been declared a National Monument.  The shops range from small independent stores to large international boutiques.  All goods are duty free here, so you can find great bargains on alcohol, cigarettes, perfume, electrical goods, etc.  Haggling is expected and required if you want to find that cheap deal in Gran Canaria.

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