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Calas De Mallorca Attractions – Majorca

There are a few caves to visit on holiday in Majorca, but the most popular is this particular network, with its smashing underground lake. There are loads of dangly bits of rock, some totally white and very fragile looking. The chamber of the lake in the middle seats 1000 for concerts, which are put on daily.

Now, we might well have caves of our own in the UK, but they aren’t the same. The Caves of Drach are uniquely beautiful and unequalled in most of the world. The Chislehurst caves (near Bromley, Sarf East Larnden) have hosted concerts by Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles in the past, but they’ve gone a bit down the tubes since then, so to speak. The beauty and wonder of the Caves of Drach endures still. You aren’t going to go on holiday in Majorca and not visit them are you? Surely not!

Marineland – Calas De Mallorca Attractions - Majorca

Go to Marineland Majorca for the largest collection of sharks in Europe, with performing dolphins, exotic birds, aquarium, crocodiles and a reptile zoo thrown into the bargain that contains, unfortunately, some extremely large snakes. Perhaps if they got the exterminators in and got rid of some of those snakes they’d get a few more visitors. Either way, it’s a respected marine research centre and looks after its dolphins well. The dolphins here have been successfully bred, which is unusual, and they rarely complain about the conditions or treatment so the keepers here must be doing something right.

Placa Major – Attractions in Calas De Mallorca -  Majorca

This is a big pedestrian square with an abundance of shops and restaurants and a good starting point for a day spent wandering around and taking in the atmosphere on a Majorca holiday. Head up to Placa Olivar to move away from the more touristy crafts, and pick a tapas bar to while away a few authentically Spanish hours in.

Majorca Harbour –  Calas De Mallorca Attractions - Majorca 

Palma harbour is full of yachts and fishing related activity. You can hop on a ferry to any of the other islands or the Spanish mainland from here too. Come here in the day for some great fresh fish at one of the restaurants, or it’s the place to spend your evenings, just enjoying being in trendy bars near the harbour; which after all is what being on holiday is all about!

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