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Muscat Holidays

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Holidays in Muscat -  Great Culture                                   

This is a very cosmopolitan city thats famous for its hospitality. The locals are known to be very friendly and courteous towards their visitors.  Muscat is a very laid back place where its common to have daytime siestas. It also has a very low crime rate, so tourists can feel relatively safe as they travel around. Even though it doesnt have the same physical attractions as somewhere like Dubai, its many people's favourite eastern destination.  This is partly due to its magnificent beaches, but mainly due to its fascinating culture.

Muscat Holidays -  An Important City

Muscat is the capital of Oman, and has always been the country's most important city.  Fishing is a major industry here, and its harbour has brought great prosperity to the region.  The term "Muscat" means safe anchorage in English, and this is a highly suitable description.  Many vessels have successfully docked here, and the city has survived many difficult times.  The major cyclone of 2007 only caused minor damage to the harbour, and the city has made an excellent recovery overall.  Since it's "renaissance" in the early 70's, many great facilities and suburbs have emerged, making it an excellent destination for holidaymakers.

Holidays in Muscat -  Great for Bargains                     

Muscat is famous for its markets, and its possible to find great bargains if you know how to haggle!  The city has always been important for trade, so a wide range of great products.  These include fine Bedouin jewellery, and various types of tea leaves.  Holidays in Muscat are the best way to sample the best parts of real Arabian culture.