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Flights to Oman – 48 million visitors by 2050

Flights to Oman come with strings attached and it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the country’s alcohol and tobacco rules. If you’re a non Muslim, you can bring a bottle of spirits into Seeb airport but if you’re travelling by car and you’re laden with booze, they won’t let you in. Fair enough. Flights to Oman don’t tend to have much appeal for heavy drinkers. Muscat airport is in the middle of massive expansion plans which’ll modernise things considerably and open up Oman to a whopping 12 million passengers a year. Oman’s Seeb airport will, apparently, be able to handle an unimaginable 48 million passengers by 2050, provided we haven’t all blown ourselves up by then. Whatever, we’ll have run out of fossil fuels by 2050 so you’ll probably have to book flights to Oman by kite.

Oman Flights – To tip or not to tip?

To tip or not to tip? In an unfamiliar culture it isn’t always easy to understand what’s polite and what’s an insult. Generous people love flights to Oman because tips are de rigeur. Actually we made that up, but – like here - it is polite to leave a tip. I never know whether to tip my hairdresser. I probably would if she’d just shut up and cut my hair, but there’s fat chance of that happening. Like in the UK, the usual tip is about 10%. Having said that, tipping taxi drivers is not the done thing. Flights to Oman Salalah airport, in southern Dhofar, deposit you in a popular holiday destination for locals as well as tourists – always a good sign. Around 340,000 people used Salalah Airport over 2007.

Flights to Oman – The exotic Persian Gulf

Oman sits at the entrance to the Persian Gulf, at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes that linked East Africa and the Orient. So this place has been a commercial centre for countless centuries. Choose flights to Oman for sun, sea and loads ‘n’ loads of sand as far as the eye can see. Great shopping, loads of money around and more bling than you can shake a stick at. Quietly in the background, most Omani people make their living from farming and fishing and they’ve protected most of their coastline for posterity. Well done them.

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Oman Holiday Hot Spots

  • Muscat

    Holidays in Muscat - Great Culture This is a very cosmopolitan city thats famous for its hospitality. The locals are known to be very friendly and courteous towards their visitors. Muscat is a very laid back place where its common...

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