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Bird Watching -  Oman Attractions

Oman During migrations in spring and autumn, millions of birds drop in to Oman and Muscat is a good place to spot them. There are bird watching tours once a week between October and March that will pick up from your hotel. Ideally you’ll see allsorts of cheeky little fellows from all the surrounding contents on their way to wherever they go to do whatever they do.

The Forts -  Attractions in Oman

Oman The Round Tower Fort in Nizwa, built in the 17th century, has a Souq renowned for its cattle auction, so should you require cattle, pop along on a Friday. Jabrin is regarded as the finest of Oman’s castles. It was built in the 17th century and has lovely ceiling paintings and clever woodcarvings.

Dhow Cruises -  Oman Attractions

Oman A dhow is a fishermen’s boat, but many are available for a cruise. You’ll be able to have tea or soft drinks, don’t forget that you’ll only find alcohol in your hotel bar in Oman. However, don’t let the absence of a mini bar put you off indulging in the opportunity to see Muscat from the perspective that many of the mariners that have travelled this route for hundreds of years saw it.

Oman Holiday Hot Spots

  • Muscat

    Holidays in Muscat - Great Culture This is a very cosmopolitan city thats famous for its hospitality. The locals are known to be very friendly and courteous towards their visitors. Muscat is a very laid back place where its common...

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