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Jumeriah Beach Holidays

Hotels in Jumeriah Beach

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Jumeriah Beach Holidays

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Holidays in Jumeriah Beach -  Luxury Hotels                 

To the west of the city of Dubai is Jumeirah Beach, which is where many of Dubai hotels are to be found.   There’s the Ritz-Carlton, and Sheraton and the Hilton hotels abound along the lovely beach. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel itself is built in the shape of a breaking wave, the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel is here too. You can’t miss it. It’s the hotel built in the shape of a sailing ship’s sail, which is ironic, as many of the world’s big cruise ships look like huge floating hotels these days.

Holidays in Jumeriah Beach -  World Class Facilities

Surely there must be a happy medium. Whatever that happy medium is, you won’t find it in your Dubai holidays.  It only has the best of everything is here, there’s no chance of finding half measures anywhere. And whichever hotel you pick from the ridiculous, almost other worldly selection, you’ll be inundated with facilities, bars, restaurants and everything else you might reasonably or unreasonably expect from Dubai.

Holidays in Jumeriah Beach -  Many Attractions

There is plenty to do in this resort.  Great attractions include the Mall of Emirates, the Madinat Jumeriah and the Madinat Theatre.Other great places include the Widi Widi Water Park and the Jumeriah Beach Park.  Jumeriah Beach holidays offer something for everyone, and most people who visit come back again.

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