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The Mall of Emirates -  Dubai Attractions

 is nearby to Jumeirah Beach, it’s a big shopping centre with over 400 shops in it. Not everyone’s ideal holiday destination, but as it’s the largest shopping centre between the UAE and the USA you might regret not visiting, what with only Lakeside Thurrock and its measly selection of 300 shops to sate you in the UK. It’s in the same area as Ski Dubai, so might be a good place to share a day with any members of your party who aren’t keen on indoor skiing.


Attractions in Dubai


Jumeirah Mosque. Book ahead.  Fall in love with the mosque’s fine patterned delicate architecture. Widen your knowledge of the Emirati. Use the guided tour. Take off your shoes, cover your arms. Wear a headscarf before you enter any mosque. Ditch the miniskirt, cover your legs. Shop?

Try the Madinat Jumeirah with its mixture of Venetian style canals, or mystery stairs leading to secret terraces. Stunning water views hit you from a cafe or bar.

Watch drama, music in the Madinat theatre.

Smoke in the Central Plaza.

Thrill in the Wild Wadi Water Park on Jumeirah Road.

Cool off in Jumeirah Beach Park.

Visit The Green Art Gallery for local talent.

See the Burl Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world.  Vertigo sufferer? Forget lifts up skyscrapers.

Be entranced by  beautiful traditional low buildings, markets, and the Jumeirah Archaelogical site, amongst other low rise delights to take in the sea views from.


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