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Flights to Dubai – Helicopters, yachts and toys for the boys

Rich? Rolling in it? Oodles of dosh? Too much money to spend in a lifetime? Well, make a generous donation to us first. Oh, thanks for that… you’re so nice! Then book yourself a brace of first class flights to Dubai. Playboy heaven, home to more expensive gadgets than we can conceive of even though we always watch the Gadget Show. Flights to Dubai deposit you into the heart of a land of plenty and excess. If you’ve got the cash you can do all the things that rich folk do: take helicopter rides, hire a massive great yacht the size of your ego or embark on an crazy desert safari through the dunes.

Dubai Flights – Bars, clubs and sophisticated nightlife

Some people book flights to Dubai just to experience the jaw dropping views from the Sky Bar of Burj al Arab. Others come to enjoy the spectacular resorts and amazing architecture. Dubai’s nightlife has come along in leaps and bounds and there days hits top notch international standards. Spend a good wedge of your wad at Trilogy, The Chi Lounge and the Peppermint Club. Flights to Dubai land you at Dubai International Airport, probably terminal 1. If you’re stupidly rich, you can park your private jet at Al Majlis. If you like it hot Dubai will suit you just fine. And there are only around 13cm of rain a year so umbrellas are unheard of. Madly, Dubai is home to one of the world’s finest indoor ski slopes and there’s an amazing snow park there too.

Flights to Dubai – Join the party

Want to book flights to Dubai? Join the party. This has become an increasingly popular destination and there’s a big British contingent living there on a semi permanent basis working in industries like IT and oil. UK residents seem pretty keen on buying property there too. Take woolly clothes if you’re planning flights to Dubai. Honest. This is desert country and temperatures can plummet into the minuses at night. Dubai is home to real estate craziness and creativity on a vast scale at Palm Island, which has helped to put the place firmly on the map. If you’re a homesick Irish person lost in Dubai head for the airport’s Irish Pub. Yup, an Irish pub. Brilliant.

Dreaming of Dubai? Book your flights to Dubai here.

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    Holidays in Jumeriah Beach - Luxury Hotels To the west of the city of Dubai is Jumeirah Beach, which is where many of Dubai hotels are to be found. There’s the Ritz-Carlton, and Sheraton and the Hilton hotels abound along the lovely beach....

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